BI to the Rescue: Demonstrated Impacts of Analytics in Today’s Businesses

Why an Integrated Business Intelligence Solution Is They Key To Profitability in the Twenty First Century

ITI ServicesAs cloud-based services and big data have risen as top priorities in the business ethos, a business analytics system spanning all operational departments is a necessity. And yet, according to a 2017 Human Capital Management Study Technology study by Brandon Hall Group, 40% of executives and lower level management employees report that they have no workforce analytics system and 15% are unhappy with their software suite1. Businesses ranging from 10 to over 1000 employees are being left behind in this changing landscape, wasting time and money by running inefficiently. While start-ups might be losing thousands of dollars a year due to under-utilizing business intelligence, Johnson and Johnson recently reported $1B in bottom line savings after a hands-on and custom software analytics project.2

ITI’s Custom Scalable, Profit-Driven Software Solution

We’re a veteran and forward-thinking software as a service development company with a dedicated analysis and implementation team. Our solution is intuitive and scalable. Our goal is to give managers the tools to make more lucrative, data-driven decisions. We understand that today’s landscape of business intelligence users has to be fully dispersed across all roles at the organization:

We believe in shattering the boundaries between departments, because a company runs more efficiently and profitable as a system.

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